Time to move that "Dough"

Before getting slapped with a cease and desist in 2011 over MLB licensing issues, the "Doughboy B" was our most popular and iconic hat design. But the legal pressure forced me to put our remaining inventory into storage where they have sat ever since — until now. It’s time to move that “dough” people! This Black Friday we are breaking them out and making them available for 1 day only. See you then — 968 Valencia Street.

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Q. JASON: So, is it "work" or "work's" for jerks?
A. Benny: It should be work's but we leave out the apostrophe sometimes to keep the design clean. Design leniency at it's best!
Q. STU: I really want to work for the Benny Gold brand. Are you hiring?
A. Benny: Thank you! Everyone that is involved in the brand is based on solid friendships. If you really want to work with us you should come by our SF store and become friends with us. Were looking forward to meeting you!
Q. ALEX: What's your design process?
A. Benny: I believe in the importance of sketching and concepting. I sketch for days before I even touch a computer. A solid concept should be the foundation for any successful design. Sketching out your ideas thoroughly will help you get your concept dialled.
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