trashhand for Benny Gold

We encounter a lot of industry people at trade shows, from mutual acquaintances and of course working arrangements. The industry of street wear is actually a lot smaller then you would think. Around this time a few years back we were introduced to Chicago based photographer trashhand. He was in SF for a Apple lecture series on the importance of instagram. A mutual friend suggested that we meet up while he was in the city. I agreed because I was familiar with his work and have been admiring it from a far. I honestly have to say that trash is one of the best guys within the industry. He is passionate about what he does, motivated and a stand up guy. Over the years we have become good friends and I am honored to have him be the latest addition to our photo tee series. This aviation image fits in perfectly with our stay gold lifestyle. This is definitely not our last project together.

Pick up the Benny Gold X trashhand tee in our online shop here while supplies last!

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