The Importance of Sketching

It took me awhile to realize that the design process is just as important as the final product. When I was first starting out I wanted to rush the process and race to the final design as fast as I possibly could. Looking back at the work that I was doing then you can tell that it lacks the solid foundation that sketching and development will give a project. I have come to appreciate the journey that each design takes starting with it's initial sketch all the way through to completion. Sketching is most rewarding part of the project to me now. Fully sketching out your ideas will ensure that you have found the best possible solution. It will also give your design the structure that it needs to be great. There are no shortcuts in life and design.

I can't stress the importance of sketching enough. Here are a few of the numerous sketches from two of our most popular designs this season.


The sketch and final product for our take on a classic union handshake - cheers!


I had a blast concepting and drawing this little worker ditching his job responsibilities.

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