Striking Gold with G-Shock

I am honored to be featured in an exciting new series by the legendary watch brand G-Shock.

From G-Shock:

Gold is timeless. Its appeal is eternal, and it is an irresistible draw for artists of all types. G-Shock is not immune to the powers of this precious hue, and the world-renowned watch brand has worked it into THE unforgettable Black & Gold SERIES. While G-Shock is making it easy to “stay gold,” another creative force in streetwear has been living that particular piece of advice for years now. Designer and label head Benny Gold not only has an enviable moniker-he has a career that is the envy of many. A graphic designer by trade, he is one of the great D.I.Y. success stories in the fashion industry of the past decade.

The Benny Gold brand was born after the fashion prodigy sold some custom t-shirts through a friend’s shop, and word began to spread. Gold insists that anything he’s ever accomplished has been done, by and large, without a plan, leaving him to learn on the job, constantly figuring out how to meet increasingly demanding expectations. Gold loves G-Shock precisely because he feels the watchmaker embraces this fearless, adventuresome attitude, and is always out to identify and celebrate individuality.

Check the feature and the watches on the G-Shock site here

benny gold gshock

bennygold gshock

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