"Paid In Full" at The Hundreds

I’ve been interviewed a number of times over the years for various magazines and press features since the Benny Gold brand has garnered some attention. The interviews usually consist of the same routine questions and I tend to go into autopilot when answering them. I know it’s because they are geared toward the new reader, the person who has never heard of our brand and what we are doing in our little corner of streetwear that we've carved out for ourselves. When Luis from, The Hundreds, said he was going to be in San Francisco for a few days and wanted to come by our new pawn shop inspired office space to ask me a few questions I figured I’d better get my usual responses ready but I was pleasantly surprised to just sit down and talk with an old friend and what came out was an honest look at where the Benny Gold brand is today and how we got here.

Thank you Luis and The Hundreds for the really amazing feature on your site! You can read the full "Paid in full at Benny Gold's pawn shop" article hereI appreciate all the support!

benny gold the hundreds

benny gold the hundreds

benny gold the hundreds

benny gold the hundreds

Interview and pictures: Luis Ruano

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