New Season Headwear Preview

New seasons product is showing up at our warehouse daily. Our upcoming hats arrived yesterday and we have been getting them ready to ship to all our store accounts worldwide. Here is a look at what's to come from us.

Phew ? thats a lot of hats!

The Cheers hat has one of my favorite designed labels to date. Putting it on a denim hat makes it even better. I love the cheeky "Works For Jerks" flip to familiar work wear iconography.

The Ribbon G came out great on duck canvas. It is one of those hats that you have to see in person. It wont be available for a few more weeks, until them you will have to take my word for it.

If you can't tell by now - I'm really into custom patterns. Our Arrowhead Ikat collection releases soon - can you find the hidden paper plane icons?

That's enough for now - it's back to organizing for us.

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