Meet The Team: Jason

Jason has been an integral part in the steady growth of the Benny Gold brand. He and I started working together when the brand was in its infancy. We were only in a few domestic store accounts and our collections were made up of just 3 or 4 t-shirts and hats. Jason jumped right in and helped out with whatever needed to be done. People like Jason are very important to small businesses because we are all run on short staffs. We all have our hands in every aspect of the brand and job responsibilities are shared. Jason totally gets that and has been down for us all these years. Lately Jason has been focused on growing our cut-and-sew collection. That area has tons of potential and I?m thrilled that he's stepped up to the challenge.

Thank you Jason, for helping us get to where we are now and where we're headed ? I am forever grateful! Everyone please follow his Instagram feed and congratulate him on his new role ? we wouldn?t be where we are without him!

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