Guest Artist Plane Preview

If you didn't get a chance to attend the opening of our Guest Artist Show last friday here is a small preview of some of the art planes that are on display at our SF flagship location. 

We invited over 60 artists to reinterpret our original aviation-inspired logo. For the project, we sent blank wood airplanes to artists across the world, many of whom have a footing in both fashion and art realms — Alyasha Owerka-Moore, Aaron De La Cruz, Jeff Staple, Grotesk, Curtis Kulig, Greg Miska, Mark Gonzales, Hannah Stouffer, Morning Breath, Haroshi and more. Each artist reinterpreted the airplanes with their own signature motifs, presenting a comprehensive collection of unique artworks.

To see the rest of the exhibit visit our San Francisco flagship location at 3139 16th Street. The entire exhibit will be on display for the month of August  — It's not to be missed! 

benny gold guest artist poster

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