Duboce Headwear Collection

Here is a closer look at our custom headwear offering for this season. It is our best to date from the custom floral patterns to all the unique fabrics used. Take a look at the group shots below and check out the rest of the headwear in either our SF boutique or online store here.


We all love classic floral prints, but we believe you should not do something unless you can make it your own and put a unique spin on it. At first glance its a colorful floral print, but look closer and you will notice that our paper plane icon has landed in-between the flowers.

Custom ribbon graphic patterned brim reminiscent of the classic art deco era. The style is often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation. We even snuck in a few of our paper plane icons into the diamond shapes.


You don't get anywhere in life without having guts. We strongly believe that It takes confidence to succeed in life. This fishing inspired design is a playful way to show that you feel the same way we do. Look at the fin of the fish – it's our paper plane icon.

If you have been following the Benny Gold brand then you are familiar with our French Bulldog Levi. He has become the brands mascot and makes the occasional appearance on our product.

These unstructured polo hats have a vintage look and feel to them. They are constructed of classic oxford materials with a felt paper plane patch embellishment.

World class airmail inspired design makes this paper plane crest a classic. Everything we do comes Par Avion (From the plane) and is top quality! 

We have always looked to the skies for inspiration. This Airborne snapback makes it official with Air Force inspired crest. At a closer look the inside shield is in the shape of our paper plane icon.

Aviation themes have become popular within street wear. We have always been infatuated with flight since the beginning of the Benny Gold brand. This really cool aviation skull is a reminder to continue to strive for excellence and let everyone know that we were the "first in flight".

Remember the pilot wings you would get as a kid when you flew on an airplane? They were really cool, but not as cool as this pilot wing inspired design. Come fly with us!

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