Paging Dr. Octagon

Here at the BG Hanger we get the occasional stopover from a legitimate celebrity, which is always a nice break from our daily routines. Well, last week we got our first interstellar traveler, all the way from planet Jupiter — Kool Keith aka Dr. Octagon made the 365 million mile trek to pay us a visit. But seriously, Kool Keith has been a huge inspiration to me over the years, ever since his early days with Ultramagnetic MC’s to his legendary Dr. Octagonecolgyst release. Kool Keith is one of few hip-hop performers who’ve managed to appeal to not just fans of hip-hop, but an entire generation of open-minded music fans, misfits and weirdos. It’s amazing when you create something that is so universally revered. I hope that the Benny Gold brand can cross genres like Kool Keith did when he paged Dr. Octogon to sector 19... Code blue!

dr octagon benny gold

benny gold kool kieth

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