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We strive to align ourselves with like-minded individuals, stores and brands. Dress Code in Tucson, Az is rooted heavily in the punk scene and strives to bring the best of independent fashion to their area. Starting out with a few stacks of band t-shirt from music they loved, Dress Code has grown to be Tucson's premier boutique.

Like Dress Code, if it weren’t for my early interest and involvement in the punk scene growing up there would be no Benny Gold brand today. The scene taught me how to do things on my own and not to wait for someone to make things happen for me. I started screening shirts in the kitchen of a small studio-apartment which put everything in motion for what we are today. Punk will never die—you can see its influence in brands like ours and in stores like Dress Code!

Stop by Dress Code for all your Benny Gold needs and let them know that we sent you! 

2636 East Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716

benny gold dress code

benny gold dress code

benny gold dress code

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Blog - dealer in gold profile: dress code Tucson, az | Benny Gold


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