Custom Displays Around The World

Our Jansport + Pendleton + Benny Gold collection has hit select retailers around the world. There have been a few really great custom displays popping up. Thank you to all the stores that stocked the collection and put in the extra effort to change your store around to help promote it!

The top windows at Nrml in Ottawa, Canada look amazing. It must be a sight to see from down the street! WOW!

Our friends at Delicious in Sendai, Japan went all out with their window and in-store display. Thank you for the continued support! The driftwood and printed lookbook images are a nice touch!

Up in Montreal, Canada with the Vans OTH Boutique has a great display for the collection also. The reflection from the window on the floor is really amazing and makes me wish the sun hit our SF store like that also.

If you come across any other great displays promoting our native collection please tag us #bennygold on instagram.

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