Glider Plane Show Agenda Long Beach

Agenda is a premiere trade show in the fashion and street wear industry. We've been attending annually for the past several years to reconnect with industry friends, represent the brand, and see what's up-and-coming, but this is the first year the Benny Gold brand has had an official booth. Typically brands set up to allow store accounts to place orders and stock their shops with the latest goods, but we aren't your typical brand so naturally we took the opportunity to offer something different. We asked over 70 of our favorite artist from around the world to reinterpret our original glider plane logo. All the planes turned out amazing and we presented them as an art installation — taking the sharing rather than selling approach. The concept was a longtime in the making and it was a big hit in the end — an event we'll look back on for years to come.

The brand has come such a long way and we're just getting started. The fact that we've become an internationally distributed brand without ever showing the product line at a trade show is quite a feet and really allows us the freedom to explore and keep things interesting.

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

We made a 8 foot sculpture of the original 3 wooden pieces that we sent to the artist.

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

Shelves are up and it's time to set up the planes.

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

My favorite part of trade shows is catching up with old friends. It's always a pleasure to see Ray from Mighty Healthy. Miss you dude! 

benny gold staple benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

You can count the artist / designer owned brands on one hand in the industry. It's not easy to wear both the artist and business hat at the same time. Not many have done it better then Jeff Staple - honored to call him a friend and colleague

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach haroshi

I am still blown away how many talented artist wanted to be a part of this project. Haroshi's glider plane is by far one of my favorites and I don't undedstand how he hid the Stay Gold phrase in the wings. 

benny gold guest artist glider series agenda long beach

Thank you to everyone that came by our booth to check out the show. We will have another showing soon in our SF store. 


Photos: Brian Sin

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