50th Anniversary M65 Field Jacket

This year marks the Jackets 50th anniversary! To commemorate the occasion we released our version of the iconic jacket on Black Friday. The jacket is lined with our popular fog camo pattern as well as all the other fine details you’ve come to expect from the Benny Gold brand. Happy anniversary!

A brief history of the M65 Field Jacket:

The jacket was initially designed for the US military in 1965. It was widely used by United States Forces during the Vietnam War and was a standard issue to US troops for over a decade. It’s also become a sort of rebel icon after being worn by such characters as Robert de Niro in the film Taxi Driver. The jacket was originally introduced in olive green but is now produced in a large variety of colors and patterns, including many military camouflage patterns.

Pick up your anniversary jacket in our SF store or online here while supplies last!

bennygold m65

bennygold m65

bennygold m65

bennygold m65 coat

bennygold m65

bennygold m65

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