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Q. Holy Negus: Can u guys customize my name on shirts and jeans ?

A. Benny: Sorry we don't do anything like that. Try a mall kiosk.
Q. Antonio Jesus Mendez : Hey Benny this is a dope opportunity to ask you a question, I always appreciate your love for putting out quality clothes with a message and I would love to work for you. I am currently based in San Francisco in the excelsior district and would be willing to work for free as a intern, I know you probably get this a lot but I’m really trying to get my foot in the door of clothes I currently am working on my own clothes brand BBA(Bums By Association) and would love some advice on how to get my clothes out there. Please hit me back with any advice you have thank you for taking the time out your day to hit me back. Have a good one Benny stay gold pony boy
A. Benny: Jesus,

Come drop by! I am personally holding office hours in the shop where aspiring designers and brand owners can come bounce ideas off of me or at least share a cup of coffee together. Everyone is welcome - see you this Thursday 3-4pm!
Q. Elena: Do you sell infant gear?
A. Benny: We don’t, but we should! I have 2 kids myself!
Q. Morris: Hey Benny,

I was wondering if you offer any mentoring or would give any advice to new clothing lines.
A. Benny: Yes! Come by the office hours that I hold in the shop weekly!
Q. Katy: Hi, Benny-

My man is a graphic designer and a big fan of your stuff! I'm trying to pick out a new shirt to get him as a gift ...can you tell me what the main difference is on the fit/style between the "garment-dyed" and "premium-fit" tees? I know one says vintage fit and the other says custom... do YOU have a favorite even between the two? Any extra help on differentiating these in some way would be SO appreciated. Thank you!

A. Benny: The Premium Tee Collection is something that we design from the ground up. It's a custom fit and fabric that we developed. The Garment Dyed Collection is a standard t-shirt body overdyed to be softer and have a vintage look. I hope that helps!
Q. Jeremy: Hey Benny - I really, really love your socks but I don't see any in the shop. Will you continue producing socks?
A. Benny: Thanks! They are back! We were sold out!
Q. Carlos : Free shipping code?
A. Benny: Free shipping on domestic orders over $100 always!
Q. Harriet: Hey,

Was just wondering if, and when, your socks will be back in stock?


A. Benny: Yes! Very soon when we release the new season!
Q. Benny Carlsson : What I can see everything I want to buy is sold out....

Im crazy bout it so is new clothes comin in or when do you release the new collection? (Autumn)

I Love your clothes jao!!

Blessings from Sweden
A. Benny: By the time we go on sale there is not much left. I always suggest you don't wait to grab something when it's in-stock because it probably will not last long. Our new collection will be out really soon so hold tight and keep checking back. I appreciate the support!
Q. Roland : would you guys ever sale windbreaker in benny gold brand in the fall?
A. Benny: Yes there is one in our online store now:
Q. chris: Do you guys do any collaboration with other brands
A. Benny: All the time - did toy see the Teva collection we just released? There also is a limited edition Four Barrel Coffee bag and roast that you can only get in our SF store.
Q. Cody: Is the frenchie collection leash and harness still available
A. Benny: Sold out - sorry. They went fast!
Q. Obi: What's the best way to go about booking you to speak at an event? Thank You for all that you do!

A. Benny: I don't do many speaking events. Email me: [email protected] and i'll see if it's a good fit. Thank you for thinking of me!
Q. Anthony: No question - just some thanksgiving.

I have slowly acquired a lot of Benny Gold goods over the past few years after discovery. Please keep doing what you are doing! You are the best brand and made up of good people. Stay Gold, Stay Youthful resonate with me. Benny Gold is a positive brand, much needed in these times. How you infuse simplistic yet stylish lines, graphics, details is amazing. Keep it up!
A. Benny: Anthony - thank you so much for the positive message - it means a lot! Respect!
Q. Martez: First just want to say you rock got on a piece of your beautiful merchandise love how it stands out to peoples love the airplane very vintage why so limited love the grizzly black hoodie you should do a white one I think it stands out a lot trying to be a stylist in Chicago you should do a pop up shop would be very much love to come to Chicago stay movated in your passion jet life
A. Benny: Thank you for the awesome message! I appreciate the support! Stay gold!
Q. byron : How do the Teva x Benny sandals fit? True to size? Or run big/small?
A. Benny: They fit true to size
Q. Chris: Hey guys!

I was wondering if it's possible to pop out the lenses in the sunglasses, I want the frames for my prescription glasses.

A. Benny: YES! I used the frames for my prescription - just bring them to your local eyeglass spot with your prescription.
Q. Monique : Hey benny!
I know your last name is gold. But I can't help but wonder if your stay gold logo has a little nod to the book, the outsiders? When johnny says to pony "stay gold, ponyboy" I've always wondered! Love your brand!
A. Benny: My real last name is not Gold. I love the book and movie Outsiders! It is one of the best! Our Stay Gold manta comes from it and I am glad that you caught the reference!

Stay gold!
Q. sumaya: Hey Benny! i have a serious question to ask!
how do you cut down on your warehouse costs? Cheers!
A. Benny: I would love to figure out how to cut back on our expenses. If you find out how please let me know.
Q. Ray N: Hello Sir,
Spent a few days in SF and wanted to drop by your shop called in to see if you were open. No answer. It was a Sunday. Let me know whats the deal. Other than that love the brand and would love to stop by.
A. Benny: Ray,

Our store is temporally closed till we reopen in a new location on Valencia St. Here is a letter I wrote about the move:

We are offering same day local pick up at our sf warehouse / offices if you order online at:

Enjoy your time in SF and I hope to see you at our warehouse!
Q. Bennie Hookfin : Hi Benny,

Do ever entertain the idea of making 3x in specific clothing. I know weight is a huge epidemic here in the U.S., as a big person I would enjoy wearing your clothing around town.

Ps thanks in advance

A. Benny: We do make 3xl - check our online store.
Q. Seth Badal: Man I thought you guys were closing!! I was like NOOOOO!! First HUF, then Stussy and now Benny Gold!! Seems like all the dope SF stores close up. But then I saw you were just moving!! Well I hope the best in your new location, I'll def come and cop some gear one of these days. Will def miss the old store, but it's good to see your staying strong!
A. Benny: Thank you! I can't wait to share our new store with everyone!
Q. Hideki Matsuno: Hello,
Previously, I have read your article in the japanese magazine "Ollie" . At that time, you was wearing a feather necklace. Could you please tell me that brand name?
Thank you.
A. Benny: Thank you for checking out the article! Ollie magazine is great! The necklace I am wearing is from the Japanese artist Goro Takahashi.
Q. Bobby: Can I order a mystery box from your site? I can't find it?
A. Benny: We haven't offered mystery boxes in a while. Maybe we should bring them back.
Q. Josh Gullerat: Will Benny gold ever collab with supreme? That would be amazing!
A. Benny: That would be amazing! I'll see what I can do.
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