Steven Harrington

1. How did you get started in design / art?

I guess, like a lot of other folks, I just never really stopped. Somewhere early on, a parent or teacher or someone put a pencil or brush or crayon in my hand and I just really liked that feeling. I still do.

2. Favorite Shirt graphic of all time?

If I had to choose today: it would be the infamous, original, 1986 pressing of the Les Misérables artwork. The graphic is based on an etching by Gustave Brion, and is shown on the shirt as cropped to a portrait. The original drawing is actually a full frame drawing of the character sweeping. The 1986 vintage t-shirt features a print of the type on back of the shirt. The artwork is absolutely timeless in my opinion. I also think that the story behind the shirt, musical and whole concept is really incredible. It’s interesting, we’re now so familiar with seeing the graphic around (especially with re-prints through pop-culture giants like Urban Outfitters, etc.) that it’s hard to imagine seeing the artwork for the first time during its original release in the 1980’s. Besides, any woman wearing the original shirt is a ‘slam-dunk’ in my opinion!

3. What inspires you?

Getting out of the studio. I find when I spend too much time in the studio then I end up making art about art. Which becomes boring and less pleasant to me. When the art work begins to reflect life-experience, that’s when things get exciting.

4. Is there a design out there that you wish you did?

There’s a lot of great design in the world! I think to wish I did any of it would essentially be like wishing I was someone else. I think great design sensibilities comes from one’s own life journey and is a true reflection of the current state of one’s thinking(although that sounds extremely hokey). I guess what I’m saying, is I just try to focus on making good work, and hope one day I can do it as good as the dudes I look up to. Or at least try.

5. What's left on your design bucket list?

A lot. Almost too much to mention as I feel like I haven’t even gotten started. That said, high on the list would be public sculpture. There’s something that really excites me about making public sculpture for the general public.

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