Kendrick Kidd

1. How did you get started in design / art?

I spent a good amount of time at a daycare growing up that happened to be owned by an artist. She structured a lot of our summer activities around music education, drawing/painting, and sculpture. I remember field trips to art museums and potters studios were a regular occurrence. The early exposure helped me identify that art was something I really enjoyed doing. That feeling stuck with me throughout school, but as I got older my focus transitioned from fine art to illustration and graphics. Skate & surf culture were becoming larger influences in my life & I started paying attention to deck designs, logos, and shirt graphics in the local shops. Everything clicked in high school when a college rep. visited our art class and talked about graphic design. I remember the clarity of that moment… from that point on I knew what direction I wanted to head in.

2. Favorite Shirt graphic of all time?

Ha! There’s too many to count. In Jr. High I wore the Jason Jessee Neptune shirt until it fell apart… that counts as a favorite, right?

3. What inspires you?

Anything that has a story. I’ll aways appreciate a well executed graphic, but the the ones that have something say inspire me the most.

4. Is there a design out there that you wish you did?

The list is long. But if I had to pick one, it’d be Jim Phillip’s screaming hand. It’s been 30+ years and that thing is still fire.

5. What's left on your design bucket list?

I’d be pretty hyped if I could create enough good work to fill a book one day.

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