Jon Contino

1. How did you get started in design / art?

I come from a pretty artistic family, so it;s always been in my blood. I really got into it through the local hardcore scene though. I always made demo covers and t-shirts for my bands and my friends bands, so it kind of naturally progressed from there into bigger and better work and eventually I was just hooked and took any kind of design job I could get my hands on.

2. Favorite Shirt graphic of all time?

Man, that's a good question. There was a dude in Queens I think that did a logo for the band 25 Ta Life years ago. They sold it on t-shirts and hoodies, but at the time, the smallest size you could get was XXL or something and I was a little guy back then, so I bought the t-shirt and could never wear because I looked ridiculous. To this day, I still wish I had it in a medium so I could wear it as an adult and it could have 15 years of wear and tear on it. I feel like it would be my favorite item of clothing if it just fit right. Or maybe I should just bring back the 90s and wear some huge camo cargo pants and XXXXL t-shirts with a crooked baseball hat.

3. What inspires you?

My family and the history of my family. I love talking to my parents and grandfather about how they grew up, how things have changed, and what was important to them when they were younger. I love getting that alternate perspective and it always helps to ignite a fire in me to explore a piece of the world that doesn't really exist anymore.

4. Is there a design out there that you wish you did?

Yeah of course. So many. When I was a kid I would always focus on one or two things that I wish I did, but as I get older, I find more and more things I wish I had a hand in and the only thing I can do is aspire to come close to it. This interview would be a mile long if I listed all the things I wish I designed. Pick any baseball logo and I probably wish I designed it.

5. What's left on your design bucket list?

I desperately want to get involved with Major League Baseball, and more specifically the Yankees, one day. That would be the holy grail for me. If the Yankees wanted me to design some vintage style warmup sweaters for them on a throwback day or something...that would be it for sure. I'd kill for that job.

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