Chris Delorenzo

1. How did you get started in design / art?

I was given a paint set from my grandmother as a child and she would drive me to art classes all throughout grade school. It became all I knew and at some point I realized I didn't want to do just one thing, I wanted to study life and art was the excuse to do it.

2. Favorite Shirt graphic of all time?

Well I grew up a big Grateful Dead fan and their t-shirts were the stuff an art kid dreams of - skulls, colors, bears, parodies, flowers, bold, badass yet cute - it was all I wanted as a kid. Particularly the Steal Your Face shirt was one of the most compelling graphics. I remember as a kid I wanted that shirt so bad, but it was expensive, so my dad made a bet with me, if I could pull my loose tooth out by the time he counted down from 10 to 1 he would buy me the shirt. This was at a thanksgiving dinner and all my relatives were around and they all counted down and I reached into my mouth, grabbed my tooth, closed my eyes, thought of that big ol' ship of fools and pulled. I got the shirt.

3. What inspires you?

Finding the poetry in the everyday and mundane things. Taking an object or an idea and stretching it to become something else, to find all of the portals it contains, to make the connections. Simplicity. Hiking. Flowers. Stories. Saul Steinberg and John Alcorn. Jack Kerouac. Whiskey.

4. Is there a design out there that you wish you did?

I'm not sure, but the one that pops into my head is The I Heart NY logo. I'm a fan of anything that Milton Glaser does, but if I had done it I would have secured that trademark so I could make some royalties off that! haha. But seriously I love the anonymity of that design and how it bled so deep into the fabric of our culture and basically introduced the abbreviation and emoji into our vocabulary, it enlightened the world on the potential of graphic language.

5. What's left on your design bucket list?

I'd love to do a line of skateboards, book covers, my own solo gallery show, learn to tattoo. To never have to not design for a living.

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